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Meet Amy

Amy is an NASM certified personal trainer working out of her private home gym in the New Hampshire Seacoast. She is passionate about helping empower clients to build strength safely so they can move with confidence.

Your body is capable of so much more than you think.
Stay committed, and watch yourself transform.

Training Philosophy

We’ve got one body to give us the life and comfort we want for our whole lives. Training today will benefit you by supporting your physical and mental health, overall wellness, and athletic performance but it will also help you tomorrow. Proactively working on balance, strength, and mobility will prevent future injury and keep you moving well as you age. Amy’s goal is to empower you to feel strong and flexible in order to live your best life. Strength training will invigorate you, put some pep in your step, and most importantly, will be fun!

Personal Training with Intention

Training is not one size fits all. Amy will work with you to realize your personal goals. She believes that adequate strength and conditioning are key to injury prevention and overall health.

Pool Bootcamp (seasonal)

Amy’s private, heated, saltwater pool provides an amazing summer fitness spot. Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, the pool offers a unique, versatile and low-impact environment for achieving your goals.

Amy strikes the perfect balance and creates workouts that are challenging but not too hard. She is genuinely excited for my gains and is truly invested in my success.

Jenny L

Amy is so patient and knowledgeable while training me. She is able to tailor the workout to where the person is in their fitness journey. I highly recommend Amy to anyone! I felt stronger even after a few sessions.

Jocelyn J

Amy plans workouts that are varied, thoughtful and use a variety of equipment but more important than that, she believes in me and sees my potential.

Elizabeth D